MinYang Biochemical Technology was founded in August 2002, located in Zhunan Town, Miaoli County. The Minyang R&D team comes from a variety of backgrounds, including doctors, electronics, medical engineering, information, communications, motors, plastics, textiles and other talents. The products we develop can be used for mountaineering, river rafting, leisure, weight loss, body sculpting, hospitals, firefighting, military police, home care…etc. We all wear textiles, and textiles can also be sensors. Wearable fabric sensors are comfortable, water washable and reliable. MinYang integrates textile, electronic and biomedical technologies and introduces a series of wearable multi-functional physiological monitoring systems, such as smart clothes, smart underwear, smart shoes, smart bed/smart chair to measure ECG, Respiratory frequency, body temperature, perspiration, posture, gait, heart sound, lung sound and other signals, as well as heating and TENS Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Like a smart clothes, it looks like a regular shirt, the sensor is connected to a control box, and the signal is transmitted to the mobile phone or computer via Bluetooth. In addition, there are accelerometers in the control box to reduce body motion and make the sensor more intelligent. The physiological signals recorded by the sensor are transmitted to the remote monitoring center to provide value-added services such as home care, personal health management, sleep quality analysis, video games, entertainment…etc.

MinYang has many global patents for wearable technology applications, covering China, US, Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia, and India regions. We welcome first-class customers from all over the world to cooperate patent technology and authorization!