Textiles make our daily life better while different places, weathers changing; Nonetheless, it can also be the sensor to our body reaction as we are active; transmitting the signals from our vessels, breathing and others.
Wearable textiles sensor now have been developed well enough with great comfortable, washable traits and the long-term, continuous monitoring the body conditions. By integrating textiles, electronics and biomedical technologies, Ming Young Biomedical Co. Ltd has launched a series of avant-garde wearable textiles sensor used for measuring medical signals such as ECG, respiratory ratio, body temperature, sweatiness, gait, heart sound, as well as SPO2.etc..
The sensors are connected to the compact control boxes, transmitting the signals to smart phone, tablet or personal computer via Bluetooth. An accelerometer is also installed in the control box to help counteract motion artifact and make the textile sensor more intelligent.
The sensor is washable and as comfortable as usual clothes. Thus, physiological signals can be transmitted to a remote information center that gives value-added services, such as home care, personal health management, sleep quality analysis, electronic game, entertainment, etc. By the advanced technologies that have been applied to health care, Ming Young Biomedical Corporation also launches Jessie Flashy Lingerie that can flash in response with sound, or vibration.