Safety automatic NG feeding system

Product features

  • It is fully automatic feeding, convenient, and labor-saving.
  • It keeps feeding liquid warm automatically.
  • It can record heart rate, respiratory rate, elapsed time, name of operator, and type of feeding liquid.

Procedure to operate the Automatic NG feeding system:

Step 1.

The operator washes hands, and then prepares feeding syringe, warm water, and feeding liquids near 37°C. The operator explains the whole procedure to the patient with fully attention on cleanness.

Step 2.

The operator aspirates gastric contents and watch carefully whether there is clot or anything unusual. If it shows normal, then return it back. Inject 30 c.c. warm water to lubricate feeding tube. Prepare 250~300 c.c. feeding liquid.

Step 3.

The operator sets the feeding time from 10 to 30 minutes, according to the amount of feeding liquid and the condition of the patient.

Step 4.

The operator watches the patient and his or her vital signs from the system. If the patient continuously coughs, shows tachycardia, dyspnea, sweating, or vomiting, stop feeding immediately and call medical personnel for emergency aid.

Step 5.

After feeding liquid is injected, inject 30 c.c. warm water to flush NG tube.
Comparison between Safety Automatic NG feeding system and traditional feeding method
Automatic NG feeding system Traditional feeding method
Fully automatic Needs nursing personnel for manual operation
Can adjust feeding rate automatically Manual adjustment of feeding rate
Automatically monitors patient heart rate and respiration Nurse observation of patient
Can automatically add liquids to feeding material during feeding Needs manual addition of liquids during feeding
Keeps feeding material warm automatically Can not keep feeding material warm
Has a sputum suctioning function No sputum suctioning function
Can record elapsed time, type of feeding liquid, and name of operator. Can not record